This … Is Sichon …

The weather for the past two weeks has been heavily overcast with some rain. I shouldn’t complain as only a few hours further north there have been torrential downpours with flooding and landslides.

But, yesterday afternoon there was a break in the clouds, and the sun shone brightly for a while. I figured there wasn’t enough time left in the day to go touring, so I thought I’d spend thirty minutes or so photographing my new home town. But the light kept changing, and I kept finding more things to photograph, and two hours later I was still there.

Just as I thought “I’ll stay a while longer and get some spectacular sunset shots” the wind blew a storm off the sea, so rain stopped play for the day.

I think I’ve mentioned before that Sichon is not much more than a one street town. That one main street runs east-west from the 401 highway to the sea. There are smaller coastal roads that go north and south, so the main town has grown around these intersections, plus the fishing port area. Although they are only about a kilometer apart, Sichon is in a sense, two towns.

And I’m going to chop-up this blog post in the same way. Today the town, tomorrow the fishing village. So, where to start…

Probably the panoramic view from the Chinese Temple…


And while we’re at that end of town, a couple of views of the town beach which is popular with locals on weekends and evenings…


The town itself is much like any small Thai town, small stores, busy streets…


This is one of the side streets, believe it or not…

…plus the small Big C…


…and a hospital is always good to have, plus the municipal buildings…


We even have golden arches, but no big macs…


No Thai town would be complete without a wat…


And last but not least some random shots…


wwiStay tuned for some river and port shots tomorrow.


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