This is the page where I’m supposed to tell you everything there is to know about me. Well, I can’t think of any simple way to summarize about seventy years of life.

The very brief version is that I was born in England before the end of WWII, have lived in Switzerland, Canada, Malaysia and now Thailand. I have joint Canadian and British citizenship. I’ve spent fifty years in the I.T. industry, covering every “generation” of computer. I worked for a long time in the airline industry, travelling to more than thirty countries around the world, and have always been passionate about motorsport – which has been part hobby and part business.

I’ve tried to present the highlights of my I.T. and Motorsport careers in separate pages, with links in the drop-down menu, below “ABOUT”.

The rest, you’ll have to figure out as we go along. I’m sure a lot of my past will present itself in my blog. Once you have figured out who I really am, then please let me know, because I’m still wondering 🙂


...has been travelling the world for more than sixty years; having lived and worked in five countries and travelled to many many more.

He likes to write about his travels - present and past - along with his other main interests of Drones, Information Technology and Motorsport, and he adds a few general twitterings along the way.

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