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Beach Roundup…

…Top Ten Beaches Around Sichon.

Okay, I did the Top Ten Wats a few days ago, so I figured before I finally leave Sichon I’d better do a roundup of the area’s beaches.

I started as far north as you can go on the coastal road, and then travelled back down though Sichon Town, to the point where Sichon becomes Tha Sala. That’s just over twenty kilometers in a straight line, or about thirty by road. And there’s a lot of beaches in those few kilometers.

  1. Khao Plai Dam:
  2. My favorite views of this beach are from a couple of lookouts alongside the winding coastal road as it reaches the top of a small hill…

    thailand khao plai dam beach sichon

    But the view from sea level is not bad either…

    thailand khao plai dam beach sichon

  3. Bang Po Beach:
  4. Then it’s just a quick hop back over the hill to Bang Po. There’s only a tiny dirt road that leads to this one…

    thailand bang po beach sichon

  5. Thung Sai Beaches:
  6. thailand thung sai beach sichon

    Closer to Sichon Town, Thung Sai offers first a long straight beach, before reaching an area with small artificial rocky bays, and then becoming straight again as it stretches into Sichon, north of the river…

    thailand thung sai beach sichon

    thailand town beach sichon

  7. Sichon Town Beach:
  8. The other side of the river there’s a small beach that’s very popular with local people – as you can see! No doubt someone had warned them the strange farang was visiting…

    thailand thung sai beach sichon

  9. Sichon Beach:
  10. The next beach is across a small hill, where it’s necessary to drive slowly as the road is usually covered with monkeys hoping someone will stop to feed them. I really don’t like monkeys, so I only drive a little bit slowly… just slow enough to witness people seemingly oblivious to the fact they’re getting their roof antennae and wiper arms ripped off.

    Google Maps swears this one is called “Sichon Beach” even though it’s further from the town than the previous one…

    thailand beach sichon

  11. Hin Ngam Beach:
  12. This beach is right outside the house I’m about to leave, and for the past two years I’ve called “My Beach”…


  13. Ban Kho Khao:
  14. And because my beach is too small for any meaningful exercise, this is where I regulary take my early morning walks. It’s just 1km south…

    thailand ban kho khao beach sichon

    I could say that I’ll miss my exercise, but Khanom where I’ll be living next, features a 10km beach, which should be more than long enough to keep me fit.

  15. Tapar Beach:
  16. Another few kilometers south is where the Nai Thon and Tha Thon rivers merge and empty into the sea…

    thailand tapar beach sichon

  17. Sao Pao Beach:
  18. I couldn’t find an official name for this one, but it’s very close to the village of Sao Pao, and is very popular in an evening, being lined with food stalls…

    thailand sao pao beach sichon

  19. Beach Walk:
  20. And so we’re reaching the end of Sichon, at Beach Walk. Looks like they too knew I was visiting…

    thailand beach walk sichon

Which nicely wraps up my stay in Sichon. Soon, it will be time to start exploring Khanom. As Agoda likes to say about almost every hotel it reviews, I will be “ideally situated to explore everything that this vibrant town has to offer.”
Don’t forget, if you want to locate any or all of the above beaches, just click/tap the “Where was I?” logo. Pins show the specific locations. Click/tap them to see what they are. And the map can be zoomed in/out or moved around as needed…


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