So, I was kind of busy this morning, and it wasn’t until early afternoon that I noticed what a beautiful day it is. “I should go somewhere. Now!” I thought, with a sense of urgency.

Until I looked up from my monitor and saw this…

Hin Ngam Beach, Sichon

I looked, and looked some more, and then thought “Why would I want to go somewhere else?”

The fact is, I almost never go down to myBeach on myBay, to use the popular IT concept of “camelCase.” Geddit? Hump in the middle. It’s called Hin Ngam beach if you were wondering.

Unfortunately the beach is rather short. I like to walk not just for the view, but to get some serious exercise. I need to go to the next beach about 1km away, which according to Google Earth is about 200kms of deserted white sand. I don’t walk quite that far! 40 to 50 minutes is my norm. A few kilometers I suppose, but definitely father than walking on myBeach, unless I was to make ten trips end to end.

wwiAnyhoo, I know I’ve posted a few photos in previous articles, but I decided to devote one whole article to myBeach. The weather seemed just perfect. Enjoy…













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