The Calm After…

So, the tropical depression, which was for a few days tropically depressing, has been and gone. I can’t claim it was a monster storm, but for sure it left behind extensive flooding in low-lying areas.

At about four meters above sea level, I’m not really low-lying. There’s many rivers in this part of Thailand, which seem to overflow whenever there’s any kind of heavy rain. I’m not really near one. Plus, in many coastal areas, the land seems to drop away as you move back from the beach, and so many villages and farmland are actually at or below sea level. They get hit the worst.

For me, Saturday night was the height of the storm. I watched the F1 qualifying session from Brazil, which was 11pm to midnight my time. Then, I was aware of lots of noise, so I headed out onto my upstairs patio, having to push hard against the door to open it. The wind was wild, and the sea was way more angry than I’ve seen it thus far.

It was more entertaining than F1, and I sat there for a least an hour watching the waves rolling in from as far as I could see. Of course, I was sampling the “groceries” I mentioned in my last article 🙂 The waves were probably about a meter high as they hit the shore.

Click for Bangkok Post article “Rain to continue as South recovers from weekend flooding”

The storm stayed strong for a couple of days and then gradually died away. Now, we seem to be back to cloudless skies and a calm sea. It’s time to venture out and explore something new. More travel stories coming soon to a blog near you.


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