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What – No Sausages?!…

Laem Pra Thap, Thailand

Well; I’d set my heart of having some German sausages for lunch. I know a German guy who runs a restaurant and B&B about 45 minutes north of me. His wife makes great sausages. But when I arrived, the place was well and truly closed. I guess he’d set his heart on some Germans, and had gone home for the summer.

Their place is in a tiny village called Laem (Cape) Pra Thap. It’s as far north as I can go without falling into the Bay of Bangkok. You see, my bit of Thailand actually sticks out into the bay, so if I want to go a long way north, I have to start by going a long way west. It’s not until I’m past Surat Thani Airport that I can head pretty-much straight up the isthmus.

Anyways, Laem Pra Thap is a great place to tootle around, and so tootle I did. There’s some beautiful little bays, and views across to Koh Samui.

In one place I left my flip-flops by the car and ventured onto the sand to take some photographs. That was a painful mistake. At midday the sand must have been 80 degrees, and I almost ended up with kaki goreng for lunch!

Not much more to say really. It was a very pleasant trip in mostly sunny weather. So I’ll leave you with a photo gallery, and I’ll head back there in a couple of months. Perhaps then it’ll be sausage hunting season.

If you think the pics look familiar, well yes, I have been there before, but it never looks the same, although it does always look spectacular. So, please try to enjoy these new ones…