Lost Horizons…

Well, no, the Horizons Pub & Restaurant is not lost.

The owners, Peter and Nan Deman know exactly where it is. But for a while I’d lost it – a story I’ll come to in a minute. It’s located in a very small place called Pang Pring, near to Tha Sala and only about twenty minutes or so south of me.

Now; what’s not to like about a pub that (quoting their website) “features both traditional pub food and also fine British, European and fusion dishes … and an excellent selection of Thai and Asian food.”

Plus, the “well stocked bar includes draft Leo beer and a fine selection of British and Irish beers: Fuller’s London Pride, London Porter, Fuller’s India Pale Ale and Ruddles County from England.”

And if that wasn’t enough to make me feel welcome, Peter had hung up a Maple Leaf flag just an hour before I arrived, which as it turned out, was nothing more than a nice coincidence.

As usually seems to happen wherever I go, I was the only person there. I think I must have a hidden tracking device on me somewhere that warns people where I’m going. “The obnoxious farang is heading for Horizons. Clear the area.”

But, no matter. That gave me exclusive chatting time with Nan and Peter, who are great hosts. Peter offered me a fresh crab salad for lunch, which sounded great, but as I explained to him, I never eat anything I have to fight with. So I settled on Nan’s famous Bruschetta, with home-made bread. Very tasty.

Horizons Pub and Restaurant, Pang Pring, Sichon, Thailand

A glass of London Pride would have been a welcome addition, but I try never to drink and drive, aside from which it was nowhere near Beer O’Clock. I think one evening I’ll have to pitch a tent on the beach, so I can walk “home” after a few beers. Did I say “a few”? Hmmm.

Horizons Pub and Restaurant, Pang Pring, Sichon, Thailand

As you can probably see from the photographs the place is quite new, but what you can’t see is Peter’s face as he explained some of the problems he encountered getting it built. He must have far more patience than me; but then, who doesn’t?

And, well, “This Is Thailand” as they say, and everything works out fine in the end. Having acheived their dream home – which occupies the top two floors – Peter assured me they have no intention of moving – ever. Seems reasonable.

Here’s some more photographs. You’ll see what I mean…

And why was it lost? Well – strange story. There’s a house next door to Horizons that I thought I might like to rent. I found it at least a couple of years ago, before I even made a final decision to move to Thailand. A few weeks ago I was wondering where I might move next, and in thinking about the places I had originally considered, I realized I had no idea where this particular house was. I started looking at Google Maps wondering where it might be, and in searching along the coastline, I spotted Horizons Pub & Restaurant, and realized I had no idea where that was either.

Then I remembered I’d taken photos of the house, and I’d used my iPhone camera. That meant the GPS co-ordinates were buried in the photo, and Photoshop very kindly displayed them for me. To my surprise, I found the house was right next door to the pub. Except when I’d visited the house, the pub wasn’t there. Now I had two reasons to find both.

Well, as it turns out, they are on a tiny street that runs parallel to what I’d thought was the beach road. And Peter’s put up some signs, which sure makes the pub easier to find.

wwiSo, what was lost is now found. Which is certainly good news for me.


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