This is the page where I’m supposed to tell you everything there is to know about me. Well, I can’t think of any simple way to summarize about seventy years of life.

The very brief version is that I was born in England before the end of WWII, have lived in Switzerland, Canada, Malaysia and now Thailand. I have joint Canadian and British citizenship. I’ve spent fifty years in the I.T. industry, covering every “generation” of computer. I worked for a long time in the airline industry, travelling to more than thirty countries around the world, and have always been passionate about motorsport – which has been part hobby and part business.

I’ve tried to present the highlights of my I.T. and Motorsport careers in separate pages, with links in the drop-down menu, below “ABOUT”.

The rest, you’ll have to figure out as we go along. I’m sure a lot of my past will present itself in my blog. Once you have figured out who I really am, then please let me know, because I’m still wondering 🙂


...has been travelling the world for more than sixty years; having lived and worked in five countries and travelled to many many more.

He likes to write about his travels - present and past - along with his other main interests of Drones, Information Technology and Motorsport, and he adds a few general twitterings along the way.

He is currently General Manager of CMY Media in Thailand specializing in drone training plus aerial videos and photography.

You can find CMY Media on Instagram. And you can follow Paul on Facebook.

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