2015: Top Ten Beach Photos..

Well; it’s time for a bit of a recap on the past year. It seems most places I go there are beaches. They are almost always spectacular. And most are close to home.

But let’s start with one across the other side of Thailand from me. This one is Khao Lak, and being on the west coast it gets spectacular sunsets. As you can probably see, it’s the one featured at the top of the blog…

Khao Lak Beach Thailand

In July I headed about 300kms south to Songkhla. Not to look at beaches, but as I say, they’re hard to miss. Here’s a couple from that trip…

Songkhla Beach Thailand

Songkhla Beach Thailand

Closer to home, the next one is Nangkam Beach, not far from the Don Sak Ferry Terminal, which is where you would find yourself if you are crossing to Koh Samui by boat. I managed to catch it as the sun was setting behind the hill…

Thailand Nangkam Beach

And then much closer to home, one of my favorite shots, is from the balcony at Horizons Bar and Restaurant, about 20kms south of me…

Sichon Beach Thailand

About an hour north is Leam Prathap. Their beach is tiny but spectacular. It looks better when the tide is in, but these are not bad…

Laem Prathap Beach Thailand

Laem Prathap Beach Thailand

I mustn’t miss out Khanom since I will probably be living there in a couple of months from now. One of the nicest views is from the Khanom Hillside Resort…

Khanom Beach Thailand

Plus; I can’t ignore my local beaches here in Sichon. Here’s a couple from my huge selection…

Sichon Beach Thailand

Sichon Beach Thailand

Did you play count the tourists?

Next, I think it will be some mountain photos.


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