Majestic Drive…

Today was a 540km or so trip north along the border with Burma, then east along the border with Burma, and north again along the border with Burma. Did I mention I was close to the border with Burma? At some points I was only a couple of kilometers away. I was heading for the Majestic Creek Golf and Country Club, where I arrived shortly before 4pm. More on that in my next article.

First, I had to get myself out of the irritating Pullman Resort in Khao Lak. Easier said than done. Last night I had my customary end-of-day shower – in cold water! A five star hotel with no hot water. Incredible. I tried moving the tap both ways, but the options were cold and willy-shrinking freezing! This morning I let the water run for a good five minutes while attending to other daily ablutions, and wonder of wonders, I had a new option along with cold … less cold. Freaking disgrace. But you don’t waste time complaining when you have a long drive ahead of you, one which has an arrival dealine. E-mails will be sent later.

So then I tried to check out. I politely explained I needed to pay for the one beer I’d had with supper, and one from the mini bar. When I saw the price of the latter, I rationed myself to one sip per minute. But anyhoo, I was presented with a bill for 7550 Baht. That’s about GBP150 or USD230. I calmly told the clerk I was paying for two beers, not the whole freaking brewery, but sarcasm is lost on Thais, and logic is a bit of a non-starter too. So I waited patiently and smilingly until a little light bulb went off in his head and I was given a bill that would only have bought a tenth of a brewery. I left, with the strict intention of never returning.

wwiBut I’ll happily leave you with some photos. It looks great doesn’t it? It could be. As you can see, the room was one of those with glass where the bathroom walls are supposed to be. I’ve never understood the logic in that, but at least I could have a lie-in while I watched myself taking a shower!



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