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Welcome back.

This is just an odd collection of stories and images that didn’t seem to fit into any other articles. Here goes…

One evening soon after I moved to Sichon, I noticed some strange green lights out in the bay. At first I assumed they were there to guide ships to somewhere, but after seeing them for a few evenings I realized they were not always in the same place, nor were there always the same number.

Then, after travelling around the country to a number of beach areas, and seeing many green lights, I realized they must be on fishing boats. I would have thought the lights would have scared away the fish, but I guess not.

I started to Google, and only got as far as “green lights att” when Google filled in the rest “Green lights attract fish”. Interesting. Wikipedia describes it best …

It has been known for a long time that a light attracts fish, shrimp and insects at night. But what is the best color for a light attractor? Based on the biology of visual receptors discussed above, the light should be blue or green — the space colors of fish and members of their food chain.

The perfect fishing light would have the following properties: 1) high intensity, 2) emit its light in a color similar to the fishes space (blue or green), 3) be powered by a portable electrical supply and 4) be submersible.

It seems some of the best ones use 1000w bulbs, and yes, they are underwater.

So, I wondered if I could take a photograph. From shore they are not that bright, more like sharp points of green light, but with a ten second exposure, taken from my first-floor patio, they light up the whole area.





I stay in a lot of hotels. They all have free WiFi otherwise I wouldn’t be staying there. And the free WiFi always has a password. Why? What is there to steal when it’s free?

Anyhoo, I’ve noticed that someone at Reception always hands me the password, somewhat proudly as though giving away a huge secret, and it’s always on the tiniest piece of paper imaginable. Am I supposed to memorize the password and eat the paper?

Last week I stayed in a really nice resort in Pranburi, a few hundred klicks north of here. As I checked in, the Manager carefully explained to me that they had several WiFi points. He wasn’t sure which one I’d need, nor was he sure which one would work where. So he gave me three tiny pieces of paper with three passwords!

WTF. At the very least he could have set all the passwords to be the same. But due to the fact I also wasn’t sure what would work where, I needed carefully to carry those pieces of paper everywhere I went in the hotel. Nuts.


Also last week, while further north, in Bang Saen, I noticed some “interesting” items on a menu…

Well, I thought “I’m not having the Crisp Fried Morning Glory Salad” … it’s not Yum!


And I’m certainly not trying the Yum Khoi Pu, that sounds less than Yum.


But this one had me really confused. Is that an egg salad for pimps? Or a salad made of pimp eggs? Either way, that was not my choice for the evening!


Also in Bang Saen I spotted this beachside sign. Was I supposed to take 30 baths before I used the deckchair, or were they warning me I’d need 30 baths after I’d used it?


Another one from my patio. Just taking his goat for a Sunday afternoon ride!

Last but not least, here is the set of wheels that have been transporting me around southern Thailand ever since I arrived. It’s hard to believe since I hate Hondas. But it’s a long-term rental, and it’s cheap, so needs must.


I think I’ve pretty much decided what to buy, but I’m not commenting until I see it sitting in my driveway.

Meanwhile the Honda Shitty, sorry, Honda City will have to serve me for another month or so. I must have taken that photo soon after I’d picked up the car, because now, after a few thousand kilometers, the color is way more shitty than it is white.

It’s okay. I wouldn’t buy one. It’s a bit gutless, and there’s no manual shift version. As I’ve said to many people “If I ever buy an automatic, you’ll know it’s time to prepare the big wooden box.”

All for now. Twitterings exits stage left.


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