Twitterings has nothing to do with Twitter or Tweets.

I’ve been using the name for a long time; initially in a paper-based newsletter, and later for an e-newsletter. Now, I’ve transferred the name to this blog. If those Twitter people would like to sue me, well, I invite them to go ahead, because I’ve been using the name far longer than they have.

What are you going to find in my twitterings? To steal a phrase from the late astronomer Patrick Moore … “We just don’t know.”

Like many blogs, there probably won’t be one theme. It will just be a collection of diverse thoughts. Anything that takes my fancy. Rants about things that p*ss me off. Stories about what I’m doing with my life, and things I’ve done in the past. Comments on things that interest me, and will probably bore you. Travel journals. And more.

I’m writing it mostly for me, because I feel like it. But I hope you enjoy the journey.

The “Comments” facility is currently turned on, so you can leave me a message regarding any topic. I’m happy to help, especially if your query is travel-related. But please don’t try to send me spam messages. They will be filtered-out, and eventually you will be blocked.

Thanks for stopping by.


...has been travelling the world for more than fifty years; having lived and worked in five countries and travelled to many many more.

He likes to write about his travels - present and past - along with his other main interests of Information Technology and Motorsport, and he adds a few general twitterings along the way.

More info than you could possibly need is available by clicking the ABOUT tab in the top menu line.

And if you are interested in drones, please visit Paul's other blog The Drone Diaries.

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