Pang Tong Palace Bamboo Complex

Pang Tong Palace &
Mae Hong Son Bamboo Complex…

…The Great Northern Road Trip 2020 : Day 7

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As I mentioned earlier, due to morning fog and short winter days, the number of hours I could spend sightseeing were less than I had planned. And then, after visiting Ban Rak Thai, Ms. Chuckles decided to send me on one of her mystery tours, and I spent forty minutes going in the wrong direction. As a result, some places had to be removed from the “Must See” list.

On the way back to Mae Hong Son, I did manage to get to Pang Tong Palace – except I never found the palace, only the gardens…

Pang Tong Palace Bamboo Complex

I walked and walked and walked. There were no signs. Just gardens…

Pang Tong Palace Bamboo Complex

Pang Tong Palace Bamboo Complex

Oh, there were also sheep and horses, but I’m sure you know what sheep and horses look like. I’m actually not sure the palace really exists. I can’t find any photos anywhere. Only gardens, sheep and horses. Oh well, time to move on…

Closer to Mae Hong Son I saw a sign to a Bamboo Complex. I had a similar reaction to the sheep and horses, I know what bamboo looks like. Or so I thought…

Pang Tong Palace Bamboo Complex

Pang Tong Palace Bamboo Complex

Pang Tong Palace Bamboo Complex

Pang Tong Palace Bamboo Complex

Very tall, and lots of it, but only worth about five minutes of my time, and yours.

wwiSo that was Mae Hong Son town and surroundings done and dusted. Ban Rak Tai was the highlight. Next up is Pai. I wonder if they have shepherds.

NEXT: Su Tong Pae & Buddha Bamboo Bridges…


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